Welcome to Better Way Sober Living, I’m Jeffrey Peterson proud owner of this company. Our company Better Way Sober Living (BWSL), is located in Saint Paul, Mn where I was born and a place I’m happy to call home. It has always been a belief of mine that we should aim to positively impact the communities we live in. BWSL is how I can best serve, while working on a cause near to my heart.

Not unlike many of you reading this now, I grew up in an environment that was negatively affected by alcoholism and abuse. It was a struggle everyday to put a smile on my face and go out into the world. These feelings during childhood have translated into a soft spot for those in need. Regardless of who we are, everyone deserves to feel safe and a second chance at becoming who they want to be.

My background in real estate and property management has allowed us certain opportunities. We are able to acquire some of the nicest sober homes in Minnesota. Thanks to long-standing relationships in the industry we can move quickly on R and R’s, repairs and renovations. Due to this we can operate at very reasonable expenses, which means we do not need to charge high-end monthly fees but can offer high-end living.

We encourage everyone to be the best they can be while living with us. Whether it’s joining softball in the league we are in, decorating the houses for holidays or working on a business plan for the next chapter in your life… all are welcome.


Assigned Properties