I like what I see on your site, how much is it to reside in one of your properties?

Upon move-in a resident pays a one time $100 app fee, a $300 sobriety deposit and their monthly lodging fees.  Our lodging fee is $650 monthly, however we do prorate if someone moves in mid month. We accept suboxone and have a $50 monthly fee to administer it.

How long can I stay in the home?

We have a three month minimum stay. However that is the minimum, a resident can stay as long as they need or would like to.

Is there transportation nearby?

After finding a suitable property we immediately look for proximity to bus stops. If the bus stop is more than 3 or 4 blocks away, we don’t invest in the property. Almost all of the properties actually are on bus routes.

What’s included in the monthly fees?

The monthly fee includes the in-house drug testing, high-speed internet, and cable. Utilities are all included, as well.

Can you help me find work and meetings?

Our program manager has years of experience in helping men find work in the St. Paul area. The meetings are super easy to find, and we can make suggestions based on experience.

Do you accept medication-assisted recovery residents?

Yes, we do accept residents that are on suboxone. However, we do charge a small fee for holding and delivering it to the residents that are prescribed them. We will personally talk to each individual about what time of day works best for their treatment, work, or school schedule.